Prepared for wear warning indicators, without accessories, with balancing weights

Item number: P 85 070
  • Unit of measure:Axis set
  • Wear warning contact:Prepared for wear warning indicators
  • Supplementary article/Supplementary information:without accessories, with balancing weights
  • Braking system:Brembo
  • Thickness/Thickness [mm]:17
  • Height [mm]:73
  • Width (mm]:117
  • WVA Number:23694
  • BREMBO:Brake pad set
  • Item number:P 85 070
  • Manufacturer item number:P 85 070
  • Manufacturer:BREMBO
  • EAN Number(s):8020584058732
  • Installation position:This property varies depending on the vehicle model
  • Condition  Brandneu


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