Ø: 475 mm, 12V, 600W, with radiator fan frame (frame), with control unit

Item number: 508R0142
  • Reliable cooling performance of the cooler in any climate
  • Quiet and fuel-saving operation thanks to optimized design of the fan blades and electric motor
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality materials
  • Excellent value for money
  • Rated power [W]:600
  • Diameter [mm]:475
  • Number of fan blades:7
  • Voltage [V]:12
  • Heating/Cooling:Single fan
  • Supplementary article/Supplementary information 2:with radiator fan frame (frame)
  • Number of plug contacts:4
  • Direction of rotation:Direction of rotation counterclockwise
  • Supplementary article/Supplementary information:with control unit
  • Form:rectangular
  • RIDEX:Radiator fan
  • Item number:508R0142
  • Manufacturer item number:508R0142
  • Manufacturer:RIDEX
  • EAN Number(s):4059191737307
  • Climate zones:This property varies depending on the vehicle model
  • Condition  Brandneu


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